Your Personal CFO

A Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, is a senior manager in a company who is responsible for overseeing the financial activities of an entire company (from Investopedia). Families and business owners, with the myriad of financial decisions that have to be made for multiple generations, can benefit from having their own CFO.  That's where Maltin Wealth Management comes in, to assist with your banking, planning and investments, as well as coordinate your other professionals to ensure that we are all working for your goals.

  • Private Banking - Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional banking service, and seamless integration of your banking, lending and investments.
  • Wealth Management - We combine investment opportunities with a truly open architecture platform tailored to meet your comprehensive financial planning needs.
  • Network of Professionals - We believe that no one (company, person, man/woman) is an island.  Throughout the years, we have (assembled and) nurtured many professional relationships which have benefited our clients' personal and professional interests.  These relationships include those in the legal, accounting, health, and many other industries that service your business and personal financial needs.  Professional Network
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